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Are You A B1A4 Fangirl??

One of my favorite groups in the industry. I love these guys with all my heart and I just want to find some people who share my love!!!

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This band was one of the early bands that introduced me to the wonderful world of Kpop. My first experience with them was their song "Lonely." I immediately fell in love with the band soon after lol XD

My bias is Baro because being sexy and cute is a thing lol!!!!

If you're a B1A4 fangirl like me, share your favorite song by them and your bias. Fangirling is always better with more people!!!! :)

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CNU is my favorite and I like the song Beautiful Target and Solo Day. Have u seen the Hello Baby episodes?
They were my first Kpop group. I love them! Cnu will forever be my bias. But gongchan will always be a close second... I think my favorite song is sweet girl but I love their old songs too like baby goodnight and beautiful target.