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One of my favorite groups in the industry. I love these guys with all my heart and I just want to find some people who share my love!!!

This band was one of the early bands that introduced me to the wonderful world of Kpop. My first experience with them was their song "Lonely." I immediately fell in love with the band soon after lol XD

My bias is Baro because being sexy and cute is a thing lol!!!!

If you're a B1A4 fangirl like me, share your favorite song by them and your bias. Fangirling is always better with more people!!!! :)

CNU is my favorite and I like the song Beautiful Target and Solo Day. Have u seen the Hello Baby episodes?
my bias is cnu!!! sexy plus he's thighs omg! my favorite song is tried to walk omg those high notes touches your soul
They were my first Kpop group. I love them! Cnu will forever be my bias. But gongchan will always be a close second... I think my favorite song is sweet girl but I love their old songs too like baby goodnight and beautiful target.
CNU or JinYoung...and Baby Good Night
Solo Day or Drive....such good summer jams! Its a tie between Sanduel and CNU for me
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