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Ballin' on a budget - the act of ballin' whilst strapped for cash.

If you know me than you know that I like to ball on a budget. My funds aren't too low, but they definitely aren't too high. Unfortunately, I tend to have expensive taste that my wallet cannot always tend to -- but a girl can dream, right? Exactly. So, while I was doing my daily browsing a few months ago I fell in love with two pair of boots and I mentioned one pair in a previous card [see here]. The one boot that I have been genuinely drooling over for some months now are the Acne Studio Jensen boots. I am literally obsessed. Pointed toe boots give me so much life and these boots are simply perfect.
Not too long ago I also happened to fall in love with the Alexander Wang Gabi boot. The Gabi happens to retail $100 more than the Jensen, but I honestly feel like both boots are investments. My mom always told me growing up that a woman should always treat herself to a birthday gift and a Christmas gift. Since I didn't get to treat myself for my birthday, I plan on making an investment during the holiday's -- I just happen to be torn between the two. Both are absolutely gorgeous and I pretty much have my mind made up, but it never hurts to get a little bit of stylish feedback. Keep scrolling to see the two gorgeous pair of boots I'm currently obsessing over and help me pick the perfect pair by leaving a comment below.

The Alexander Wang 'Gabi' Boot

The Alexander Wang 'Jensen' Boot

Which boot do you prefer?

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Alexander Wang Gabi ಠ_ಠ them boots are bomb
Yes!!! I agree. Thanks @keashaa
I'm obsessed with boots! I will agree with you, the Gabi's are def unique :) @ButterflyBlu
Girl! That's hard! I'd have to buy them both. If I could only buy one, then the Gabi. I've seen the other pair a few times in different colors and brands. But the Gabi's are more unique. Then again... I have a boot problem. Lol. >.>