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possibly the best mc donalds I've been to.
The menu always changes in every place I've been to so it's not strange to see a mcdonalds that serves bulgogi burgers- I mean we are in Korea right? =) chicken sandwich are all spicy chicken, spicy chicken with shrimp, or spicy chicken with bulgogi. the number one is still a regular american hamburger but most are bulgogi burgers. There are several things you will recognise from back home like chicken nuggets and soft serve ice scream. Most things are all spicy. But for foreigners like me it's super awesome to be able to get a "home" fast food around when you get tired of eating regular korean food. also kids meal does not offer yogurt, fruit, or milk but they do give you two random toys lol.
the pristine presentation of food! I'm not used to this much perfection in a mcdonalds. Flaws: they give you one ketchup per fries. you can pay extra for more, I love ketchup so I keep many ketchup packets in my bag all the time. flaws: there are like 3 sauces to choose from for nuggets, barbeque sauce is not one choice given for chicken nuggets only sweet and sour sauce. flaws: soda is not refill. I do love the fact that the food is well done, not all messed up and that they have separate containers for everything. example: no paper cups. ice goes in one place, food waste in another, plastic in another - yey recycling!
this toy!!!!
they have monthly events. this month onepiece! each week they sell 3 toys till sold out, toy not included in happy meal. Toy only for regular adult meals plus $3.00 for toys.
they just added churros! I love churros!
omg yaasss
Omg slay
@Rockron97 yeah I hate that no refill! and one ketchup! but the food is un like any mcdonalds back home
It sounds cool, but I'm loyal to those free drink refills.