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Kirito and Sachi. When I watched the portion within Sao with the moonlitblackcats I feel in love with the show l, but as soon as Sachi died I almost said fuck this.
I for one think that Sachi and Kirito would have been an amazing couple. it made me cry when she died because she was bassicly a weaker version of Asuna. My personal opinion is that it would have been more interesting to watch Sachi grow stronger with Kirito.
Sachi is still by far my favorite female role in Sao. she was cute and she had a strange personality that just kinda draws you to love her.
Sachi may have been weak, but Kirito gave her strength to fight, and even at that she was smart. she knew Kirito lvl, and yet did not care. she loved him and you could essily see.
I love the show still, but I still go back and wonder what the show would have been like is Sachi was still alive. Let me know what you all think on this subject for Sao. love to hear from you all
glad to hear someone agrees. I don't mind how things went but it would have been interesting for sure to see there relationship
While I'd still ship Kirito and Asuna, I wouldn't have minded seeing their relationship grow stronger as well :(
I could not agree more with you! although I'm a Kirito x Sinon shipper, I believe that A Kirito Sachi relationship going through the anime would have been much better than Kirito x Asuna. Keep in mind I love this show and love all the characters and how it ended.