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So if you've seen my post from yesterday you'll remember I said I was going to start blogging about my stories. You may be asking yourself now." Oh, she was serious." This is your answer." Yes, yes I was." This story begins with an idiot- *cough cough* I mean neko. Kirito: hey I heard that! Author: you're fine, now be quiet so I can explain. It begins with a neko family. Kirito with his sister, mewsie, his baby sister, shimoko, and his mother and father. He's lived in that town for a while but he still hasn't made many friends. Sota: *coughs* well I wouldn't blame it only on his appearance. He can be a bit...... *spoiler* One of them happened to just be Henate. Kirito resisted the urge to pound the crap out of him for his behavior earlier. "Let's just go." He said trying to be the better person. Kirito began to walk out of the classroom when Henate tripped him and Sota caught him by his sides. "Idiot! Don't catch me when I'm falling!" Kirito blushed. Sota smirked."so do you want me to let go?" He asked not waiting for a response and letting Kirito fall face first. Henate laughed pointing at him." Who said cats always land on their feet?" Kirito growled standing up and facing Sota. "What the hell did you do that for?!" He yelled. Now it was sotas turn to laugh. "You said you didn't want me to catch you." Kirito screamed pressing his forhead against Sota's."I didn't want you to drop me either!" Sota crossed his arms glaring down at the smaller neko."Make up your mind. Do you want my help or not?" Kirito huffed turning away and walking out "NOT!" *end of spoiler* He ends up making new friends on his day back to school from summer vacation. To Kirito making friends had never really been something he's good at (he can barely get along with his sister) so he pushes them away not wanting to get close to other people, but when his family becomes the target of the whole town. He has no choice but to rely on them. And that's basically it. I like this story though, and the first book is finished. So that means I have to work on the second book now. (If I didn't have 20 stories to finish I would already be on that.) Kirito: she abandons us Anastasia: it's true, were not her favorites anymore Kuri: -shrugs- as long as she makes my brother and Mewsie canon I don't care Sota: -scoffs- you're still on that? Kuri: -hops excited- of course! So that was my review! I'm going to be going into depth on this story for the week and then changing what story I cover! I hope you liked it! Please heart and clip! Oh and here's the link to said story below Link: