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Following @kpopandkimchi's "If Vixx were Fall Out Boy Songs", this is my version of Vixx as my all time teenage favourite, Good Charlotte....
HYUK: as the Maknae is is the little one and yet the oldest....Little Things was Good Charlotte's first single.
Hakyeon: Dance Floor Anthem (I don't want to be in love) - single and loving it!.....for the most part anyway....
Hongbin: The Motivation Proclamation -- get with it kid, you're doing just fine! Quit beating yourself up so badly!
Leo : a pessimist and a little dark and angry; our Leo is so predictable. He's also a great candidate for the song "Hold On", which is a song the GC boys write after receiving multiple suicide notes or recovery letters from fans..and also somewhat resembles my fav of GC, Billy Martin
Ken: Falsetto party boy who loves his life and also keeps it as discrete as possible....
Ravi: our beautiful Riot Girl....all he wants is a riot! <3 and is the bass player Paul Thomas...
Tagging my fellow starlights!
Haha. I feel like I loved so many bands when I was growing up because of my older sisters. xD
@StephanieDuong Good Charlotte came out while I was in high school, along with AFI and Avenge Seven Fold. Unfortunately one of my favorite Gothcore groups, Jack Off Jill had separated back in '94.... =(
I like the change! And songs are SO powerful. I'm glad that it helped you through your tough times! And I'm a 97'er.... so I was SUPER young when the groups came out, but I just remember always hearing these songs when my sisters listened to them. haha. xD
@StephanieDuong you're adorable. BTW, I updated Leo's part because I felt the need to incorporate "Hold On", a song that practically saved my life and many others because GC was so sensitive to the suicidal tenancies of teens in that area.
yasss good charlotteď
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