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What are people's theories about this show bc it may be disturbing *cough* *cough* last 3 eps *cough* but as much as they were messed up it did have an incredible story and many different ideas... there are many theories and reasons for why they are dead and for why they are alive and in all honesty for as much as there were sensitive issues with the last 3 eps they story was quite fantastic and it was a tear jerker big recommendation if you haven't seen it yet
those glaring white spots or whatever lol although some anime recently do funny pictures or chubi character "stickers" in place of white spots or lines which I think is much better
I'm not against censored I like it natural the censor takes away from its naturalness lol @ebethoven
no the ova is not censored which is good I think lol
@aidangiannattas I haven't watched it either. I suspect the ova is censored? @ebethoven can answer that. the manga wasn't censored if I remember correctly.
I never saw the ova episode is it good @djmaxfly
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