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Today's the 4th installment for the Nani November cards (see @VinMcCarthy); and the question is "If you were stranded on a desert island, what character would you like with you?' For me, I'd have Happy!
Yes, a blue, talking cat that always has something humorous to say! He's hilarious and upbeat, sure to keep us from depression in that situation (or say something to get me annoyed so that I'll be distracted(cue patented tongue roll), haha). He's also obsessed with fish, so hopefully he'll be able to help us get food, too.
Oh, yeah, and he's a FLYING, blue, talking cat, so if we get tired of that situation, we can fly our way home, back to our guild and nakama!
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I would have Finland from hetalia cuz then he could fly us off the island
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Finally I can see my child/best friend!
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