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@VinMcCarthy I had to think about this a bit. Instantly, I thought of Kaneki Ken. However,... I realized that I probably wouldn't live that long. I may not be able to find food to eat stranded on an island, but human flesh is Kaneki's favorite. Afterall, he is a ghoul. Then, I thought "Hey, well, Eren Yeagar is a cool dude"... then, I realized that after a few days, he would probably develop some sort of insanity disorder from the lack of food or water and constantly be saying "Titans...titans...TITANS!", attacking the palm trees and leaping from them like a maniac. Then, I was like "Asuna is awesome", ..... but scary.... and she can get super angry...Touka Kirishima too. So, finally, I chose Luffy from One Piece. I honestly didn't want to pick this guy because it seems to easy. I mean, come on, he's a pirate! However, because of that, he knows survival skills, lots of them! I wouldn't care about whether or not he goes crazy, because you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference! He's already insanely hilarious and an all out awesome guy to hang out while stranded on an island. Plus, he's extremely trust worthy, fun, and perhaps overly confident and optimistic.
Haha, thanks! I think WAY too much sometimes... @BeannachtOraibh
Your thought process rocks!