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eyyy I got tagged.... Well, rules are rules, so I will tag 20 peoples!!!
like F i know is probably gonna be one.
by all of it I mean the ones you guys want me to do...
I'll post all of it in a card tomorrow, so keep commenting!!!
I'ma go with F too :3 ! I wanna hear this rap you come up with - u -
aight! 20 things about me..... 1) I don't often type informally or use text speech because it confuses me 2) Apparantly, accirding to my friends, I hold my phone like an old lady, 3) I like to comfort other people to get my mind off my own problems 4) My fatal flaw is that I'm too loyal to my friends, 5) My favorite series of videogames is the Legend of Zelda series... 6) I'm bisexual (i believe that if you decide to be a gender then you are that gender. I don't care if you were born with masculine parts, if you think of yourself as a female, then ok. If you think of yourself as a girl one day and a guy the next, fine. I'd date you anyway. I guess that would make me pan??) (#still confused...) 7) I think I might have ADHD however I've never been officially diagnosed... unless you count the times I took this one quiz that told me that I have "Serious adult ADD" and that I need help... 8) I feel like I have a horrible habit of screwing everything up. In ither words, I have about half of the local elementary school on my tail because I accidentally got their next dances (Valentine's day and promotion) cancelled because their principal was late to a meeting because I was on the other side of a pillar when my mom drove to pick me up from an after school thing... 9) I only really smile because I think of my best friend really happy, and just seeing them makes my day... 10) I have feelings for my friend... They know but we're but dating... It's awkward. 11) I call a lot of my friends by the Host Club names... (I'm Kaoru... my friend's Hikaru.) 12) I like to trick people into thinking that I'm Hikaru, then I screw with their minds even more and tell them that I'm Kaoru, then I always finish with "Or am I? I could be Hikaru... But I could also be Kaoru..." 13) Saring people half to death is seriously hilarious 14) I can read minds 15) I skipped number 7 16) you checked to see uf I did skip number 7 17) you're smiling because you realized that I trucked you 18) Naw I can't read minds. 19) I want to go into the performing arts area as a career 20) I like to write stories and create full color bios so I often carry a bag if colored pencils in my backpack despite the fact that I'm a freshman because I never know when I'm going to need to draw an angel to blow off steam. *BONUS* ~ I take a French class ~ I want to be a foreign exchange student because I want to go to Japan ~I have tried countless times to ask my mom if I can get ny hair cut reallllyyyy short and dyed blue.... She said that we'll get it cut and shaved after it grows out and that we're not going to dye it. ~I have naturally red hair
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