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Hello B*****s
So I have been dying waiting on her American debut. Dr. Pepper was jus not it. I promise I cried when I saw this. Anyone else excited for CL unni comeback?
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Personally, I was really disappointed in Dr.Pepper. The beat was good, lyrics were weird but the MV was plain gross. I fear she's going to turn into a hotter Korean version of Miley Cyrus. I'm really really really wishing this comeback is good.
@saraortiz2002 I was disappointed in it too although I do kind of understand the lame excuse used to justify the song. I personally love Miley Cyrus been a fan since her Hannah Montana days. I hope her comeback is better than Dr. Pepper
@kikiJayyy Hannah Montana, ahh yes. its just, I mean, THAT VIDEO had nothing to do with 2Ne1 vibes, man. It killed me.
ok I hate that video and once it enough to watch it but I'm really excited for american debut I wonder ifs it going to be on the radio, an American radio does that make sense