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So i say a post earlier pertaining to finding more kpop to listen to and artist to check out. When looking through my playlist for recommendations I couldn't believe how artist I've come across over my years of being a kpop fan. I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my sources that have kept me going and updated.

I mainly wanted to share ole 8tracks

I think this app/site is perfect for those busier times in life. During the school year its hard for me to stay on top of all the music constantly coming out. But i can always play music in the background. There are all kinds of playlist ppl make but i always us the playlists that update throughout the year of all the new music. Ppl add music from solos to whole albums which also helps me decide to buy albums or not.
When I have more free time I make sure to watch entire music shows like MUSIC BANK, M!Countdown, Inkigayo, etc. I tend to be more open-minded and overall enjoy the music way more when i see groups on stage doing there thing. Music that aren't my style end up being my favs. Best part of watching shows from beginning to end is learning the choreography.... or at least trying. (i am sooooooo not a dancer.)
Thats basically what I wanted to share. I'd love to know how you all keep up with your favorite artists and find new ones.