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A friend of mine sent me this Incredible song. I wanted to share it with all of you, especially the Lovebugs. This song is called "Creo En Ti" and it is by Reik. It's gorgeous and has a beautiful message.

This song is in Spanish, as the band is out of Mexico. This is the original video.

Here is the song with English lyrics.

(I didn't make the video, but it looked accurate to me. Let me know if it isn't, please.)
What do you think? Pretty fantastic, right? It made me feel all toasty and shivery inside, all at the same time. Love is Beautiful, isn't it?
Do you have a favorite love song? What is it?
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@Arellano1052 I know, right? I just Love it. Perfect lyrics... @TessStevens thank you! I do, too. The mixture of the lyrics and that voice just make me happy, deep down inside. <3
that's a good song, a lot of Spanish songs are really deep but when you translate them they sometimes lose their punch, but sometimes they hold it really well
It's one of my favorites! So sweet and meaningful! @buddyesd
This is so beautiful!