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"Since when is dying finishing a battle? Well? Ain't that just running away, huh!?" Hey vingle fam! I see people doing daily posts so i think I'm gonna do them too, I'm gonna post quotes from shows and have you guys try and guess what show. And if you're a try hard otaku then you can even try guessing the character too!
@kalyanmadoori I got quotes everyday cx the more posts the better
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Natsu from Fairy Tail and just to show off, it was directed at Gray when he was about to use Ice Shell on Lyon ;)
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Oh my @Koinupuppy I don't know if I knew that much about it cx but yes Fairy tails very own Natsu dragneel! Winner! Guess what you get... An Internet high five *slaps toward air*
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Damn that was accurate as hell. And as I was reading it I was like "hell yeah I'm the only one who knows this I bet"
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I only remembered the exact details because I read that arc not that long ago LOL.
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