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It's time for the Funny Community's Friday 'Would You Rather?' game!

This week's theme is INTELLIGENCE vs. WEALTH!

Would you rather be rich in intelligence or rich in the bank?

Comment below with your answer, debate among your Vingle friends, and I'll share the results next week!
Last week, I asked you if you would rather be 8 feet tall or 3 feet small. 26 of you voted, and the winner is -- WELL, IT'S A 50% TIE!!!! (I'm not quite sure how this happened, but hey, maybe it just goes to show you that there's benefits to both!)
Want to participate in future 'Would You Rather' games? Follow my Weekly 'Would You Rather' collection to stay in the know!
Intelligence leads to wealth or a mindset of contentment. Plus I'd hate to pick money and become a Kardashian XD
I'm torn lol just because I can use the money to pay for all this kidney medications but I don't want to give up my smarts. I'll just be a broke intelligent person like now 馃槀馃槀. I become super intelligent and figure out how to make a money tree
@SarahRoot Reading you loud & clear, Echo Force Delta 1111 *wink nod*. Humanity restoration sequence launched.
I actually just meant that there's no sign of intelligence in the world. haha @MissB82
intelligence then I will get twice as rich as I would have been if I chose wealth. smart people know how to do things and make money just like tony stark
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