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This cute baby went from this
to this .. Sexy beast.
it's too much to take in. haha.
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@YeseniaLira Yes!! He's like a skyscraper, it's crazy especially when he's next to Jongup because they're the maknae line and he doesn't even....😥he still has some of his baby features
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haha. Jongup is such a shorty. he's so funny! haha. I love how much confidence he has gotten. @Nikkitty
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@YeseniaLira oh my glob you took the words right out of my mind 😂 he's a lovable lion and it's refreshing to hear him singing and speaking clearly. I think they've all improved
2 years ago·Reply
they have.!! I'm a proud BABY.!! I'm so happy their singing parts are more equal.!! @Nikkitty
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no no no
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