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Only seven episodes in out of twenty-five but I am hooked...
Not about them spoilers though so I won't go into detail, but I think this dude is my favorite character that has been introduced this far in. Just watch the show and you'll see why. ^_^
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@nberry1620 omfg trust me you'll be sad when it ends but not for a long time, for a few minutes you'll be sad then you'll be like oh well new anime! and yea 馃槀馃槀
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Just finished the last episode... quite ridiculous, I can't effing wait for the next season. Which is kind of odd, I do prefer a more serious and action filled anime over the goofy action fill types. But over all I just loved this one!! ^_^
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A perfect anime! ^_^
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So I went ahead and read the manga and it only gets more badass lol, although it does differ from the anime a little bit they aren't huge plot changing differences lol
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