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Justice by aokiji
One of my fav characters from one piece. I'm actually trying to dress like him in rl lol
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We still have a LOT of One Piece left so for sure he'll pop back up. Probably in the new movie their making that's supposed to come out next year sometime I think.
I think he will fight Luffy once again in the future to show how much he and his crew have gotten stronger. Probably.
Only way the Straw Hats will see him fight again is as an ally... No way Aokiji will fight against Luffy again.. @tsamu1
True Aokiji had no reason to fight them at all since he work on his own terms now. Tbh I feel like he plotting to take the underground market down.. @uzumakijess and @tsamu1
The last time we saw him was Film Z right? Or did Punk Hazard come out first? I can't remember! @kolassal