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One of my fav characters from one piece. I'm actually trying to dress like him in rl lol
We still have a LOT of One Piece left so for sure he'll pop back up. Probably in the new movie their making that's supposed to come out next year sometime I think.
The last time we saw him was Film Z right? Or did Punk Hazard come out first? I can't remember! @kolassal
True Aokiji had no reason to fight them at all since he work on his own terms now. Tbh I feel like he plotting to take the underground market down.. @uzumakijess and @tsamu1
Only way the Straw Hats will see him fight again is as an ally... No way Aokiji will fight against Luffy again.. @tsamu1
I think he will fight Luffy once again in the future to show how much he and his crew have gotten stronger. Probably.
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