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In the first picture, her face is a little wack, but I'm done messing with it The second picture is a drawing off my tablet that I made and the third one I drew at work because I was bored.
@zaperz thank you. I hope so! 😅 @Renvisko thank you. Me too. I want to color the hair, but I'm afraid to touch it. It's supposed to be black with a dark rainbow shine.... Yeah, I don't know how to do that... 😅
@TiffanyWallace No problem! I'm sure you'll be able to advance your drawing skills pretty soon. Good luck!~ ^w^
THANK YOU! @zaperz
@Renvisko Yeah. Definitely no marker. The rest is colored in pencil XD Yeah, I scanned a copy of her so I can practice, but I've been occupied with everything else that I keep forgetting to do it. And I love the tablet drawing too. And the only way the lines could be smooth was to make really quick strokes. A lot of *stroke* *undo* *stroke* *undo* until I felt satisfied. Haha. Thank you for the advice and compliments. It is all welcomed and appreciated! 😄
Well, experimenting is fun. Just draw a square on a seperate piece of paper and pretend that's her hair. I wouldn't use markers for the hair, but maybe blend together some colored pencils. You'd be surprised how many different colors can be smoothed together to blend into one shade. But, yeah, I also really really love the tablet drawing. It has great perspective which is always important. You will certify improve! @TiffanyWallace
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