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And she always pronounces names wrong too lmao
@Renvisko Omg. x'D Well, now they learned their lesson to never mix it up ever again. I usually bring my manga with me to school and read it in the morning, and my friends would ask me if I was reading the "boring mango" again as usual. It gets to the point where I got so annoyed that I had to fully give them a whole lecture, explaining that it's not "mango", but "manga". It was pretty useless in the end because they still continue to ask the same thing everyday. One day they will learn... =w=
It's worse when they get it mixed up with anime too and they say "Are you watching Mango?" That's the worst, but I use it to my advantage. I told my friend I bought an awesome Mango (anime) so they wanted to come over to eat it which is what they said and instead I showed them Clannad and made them cry as I laughed maniacally in the corner. They never get it mixed up now. @zaperz
Exactly! Explaining anime though...that's the ultimate task.. @zaperz
My mom asks me if I'm reading anime
Everyone in my family calls Manga "Mango" my face be like 馃槧馃槧
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