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the music video starts, i see the boys all standing there and my heartbeat begins to quicken
as soon as the song and video start i am instantly captivated, and i am drawn in. i just want to hear and see more. they all look so good and i can just tell they're going to kill it
the chorus starts and my jaw drops, it is SO good. i get the feeling that this is almost an anthem, i cant move at all, i am. completely. captivated
the rap starts all quiet and i am almost instantly covered in goosebumps "no pain, no gain" his voice is so incredibly deep, i cant help but completely soak it all in
the mood changes a little bit with this scene, you can see all the boys together having a painy fight, and i cant help but smile. they all look so happy together
oooh damn, that footwork though
uh oh, he sees his own dead body inside the coffin. what does it mean? is this meant to symbolize the old B.A.P being now dead? idk guys
hold up guys, its Zelo rap time. he totally killed it, he was dancing, and doinh Acrobats all across the stage and ugh it was just so awesome
they end it with with epitome of being young wild and free with a full out colour war, and gosh do they look so incredibly happy, we're so incredibly happy to have then back and im sure they're so happy to be back
ending it so incredibly classy
this music video was so good i was 100% captivated the ENTIRE time! and oh MY GOSH the song is amazing. i think i am going to have to have it on repeat for like days ut is soo good. i had my brother listen o it as well and he thought it was spectacular
And very appropriately, TS waited until the end to add their logo. Smart choice considering it was their fault we nearly lost B.A.P. I swear, they had better promise a heck of a lot better treatment for B.A.P after everything that they did.
anyways, thank you guys so much for reading my thoughts! the video and song are SO good and if you haven't ready checked them out i HIGHLY recommend it!!!