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Today I would like to introduce to you another work of the photographers. In the 1980s, he traveled to China, and from there he went to inner Mongolian to take those photos Photo 1: Man on a Mongolian horse which is slow and small. The Danma horse, the offspring of he Mongolian is crossbred the larger Xinjiang horse has become more popular. Along the right side are electric poles that see to stretch on without end. Photo 2: Man with white horse. These are the most beautiful pastures in all of Mongolia and the traditional lifestyle is preserved here Photo 3: Man herding camels. Winter on the Mongolian steppes. He left in a jeep before dawn to photograph a herd of camels at minus 20C. A herd of camels finally appeared on the horizon and waited almost an hour for them to approach.
These are fantastic shots and what a wonderful subject to shoot.
Hiroji Kubota !! He is amazing photograph ! I learnt about him in my Uni