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The Handsome Faces of CNBLUE
Not Trying to Wreck any Biases lists But Leader Jung Yong Hwa can't be ignored (Totally my Bias)❤
CNBLUE 's Love comes in at #3 once I hear this song I can never get enough... I think it's a sweet song.
CNBLUE 's Cinderella comes in at #2 I really like the feel of this song Plus YH looks just adorable in this one.
My all time # 1 is I'm a Loner by CNBLUE!! It's that one that never gets old. I get soo many feels when listening to this Track lol at one point in High it was even my ringtone XD I just love YH's voice soo much ~ Thanks for Tuning in
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omg now I'm a Loner is going to be stuck in my head ALL NIGHT.
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@kpopandkimchi O.O currently replying in my Head
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