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Word of Mouth tips - Paris
On a recent trip to Paris Kelly from Cool Hunting magazine had the chance to see a first-time visitor fall in love with the City of Lights. Crashing with locals, their group took the obligatory (but no less bewitching) trips to bistros, cafes, cathedrals and grand museums—but also managed to squeeze in a few more clandestine stops. After a successful week soaking in the classic Paris experience from Colette to la Tour Eiffel, and discovering some native favorites, we've got a handful of tips for your next trip. Check out their website to see more information for some local tips such as bar, restaurant, where to go, where to eat.
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thanks for the tip !! Do you have any more tip for another city in europe ?
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@sofiamuller758 yah, i have plenty of tips for traveling in Europe. Follow my collection, i will update more and more ;)
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