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I see pictures of Gray the Bae everyday online, on my phone, tablet....he's everywhere.....I know how ridiculously good looking he is but do you ever look at a picture of your bias and get hit with them bias feels all over again??
Gray is slaying life in this and I feel your pain every single time I see a picture of GD it's like I'm seeing him for the first time and I get plowed by the feels train😂😂
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I'm obsessed with LOCO! Those cute chubby hamster cheeks of his just kill me. He's too adorable! 😁😍
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@BluBear07 Lol i feel you....he's soooooo squishy!! And so sweet 😍😍 He's one of my favorites.
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i hate seeing baes dressed up. it's like, do you really have to take it up a notch and give me a heart attack? i'll take it though ( ͒•·̫|
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