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Seventeen's Yoon Junghan is very pretty. But does he make the cut as pretty enough to be a girl? I think he bares a resemblance to Ren.
You can't tell me you didn't exspect Ren from Nu'est to be in this. Seriously the first time I saw him in Face I was like cool a girl. Maybe it should be the other way around?
Bigbang's G-Dragon with his perfect smile an a symmetrical face makes a stunning female. Not sure he's as good as some of the others what do you think?
Then lastly there's Taemin from Shinee who is a drop dead gorgeous guy no matter what he wears. Are there other guys you think are extremely feminine in looks let me know it's always interesting to see what others think. Well pick your person for best feminine looking .....guy. There can be only one so vote! Here's a short list of tags cause I haven't learned how to mass tag people. A card on that would be nice. @aimeeH @danidee @baileykayleen @kpopandkinchi @thepinkprincess
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@ElizabethT yes him! I could not for the life of me remember his name I wanted to add him to this card but my mind drew a complete blank on his name. probably cause it was so late when I did this card😫.
Ren is so feminine. I don't find gd very feminine in his face to be honest but maybe his legs lol
oh god. thats just too freaky!!! gross.
He is both handsome add a man, and beautifulllllll as a woman. We can't denied that.