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Ok, I have many time made Vietnamese spring roll for my friends. And 10 out of 10 , they are all struggling to find the way how to roll it. In this video, it will show you how to roll Vietnamese Spring Roll like a Vietnamese ;)
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@yinofyang it is the easiest on the world to make, isnt it ? :)
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@kristenadams From now on, eat more vietnamese food, will you?
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@Tapsamai Yep, it sure is. I've had quite a few this past week, with shrimp and with fresh bacon.
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@yinofyang with fresh bacon ?? Well i never try with fresh bacon, maybe that the american style ;) But i did try with raw salmon, it tastes really good as well !
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@Tapsamai Yeah, fresh bacon. It's the pork cut that is bacon (it's not bacon like you have with breakfast). You boil it until it's cooked and then cut it up into small pieces. My mom learned it from some of her Vietnamese friends. I don't think you can get this bacon in American stores. I think it's in Asian grocery stores only.
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