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A photographer captured how sweaty yoga can get. Even though yoga can seem calm and "easy," it actually takes a lot of effort and control! Jonah Sargent from Minnesota produced a book capturing the hot and sweaty work of yoga. Sargent photographed over 60 people around Minneapolis and Berlin for a coffee table book entitled 'Faces of Yoga.' Let's check out some of these dripping-hot yoga photos! :-P
Sargent recently launched a Kickstarter project and it's called 'Faces of Yoga' -- which is a series of uncomfortable photos of people in strange positions. He is hoping to have a 60-page full color coffee table book for this project.

Sargent is currently running a Kickstarter event and he's about half way to his goal of raising $2,500. His goal is to get the photobook ready for the holiday season!

Check out the Kickstarter HERE.
Holy..... Nightmares
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