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This series is where I pick two fictional characters from anything, list off their feats and abilities then, decide on who I think would win based off of the facts. This is my first episode with more than two combatants, note that this is not a team match up.
Combatant one: Aquaman Atlantean. Casually lifted a large cruise ship. Has thrown a large cargo ship. Thrown a submarine from the bottom of the ocean. Held up a large collapsing building. Shown to swim faster than hypersonic. Capable of leaping across cities. Superhuman reflexes capable of reacting to and dodging Mantas lasers. Able to tank automatic gunfire. Has fought Superman. Has fought Wonder Woman. Tanked an attack that sunk Atlantis. Regeneration capable of healing in short periods of time. Telepathy capable of controlling ALL sea life. Unaffected by water pressure and able to see the darkest parts of the ocean. Possesses an indestructible magic trident capable of piercing Darkseid. Enhanced hearing. Energy heat resistance. Sonar. Expert combatant, he excels at hand to hand and is a master at Atlantean martial arts. Expert tactician.
Combatant two: Jinbei Fishman. Former Warlord. Fought Ace for five days leading to a stalemate. Knack for discerning military strategies. (Tactician) Capable helmsman. Carried three passengers on a door that took ten men to open. Easily Capable of dodging canon fire. Stalemated Luffy. Capable of defeating Moriah (another warlord). Fought Akainu. Master at fishman karate. Capable of blocking powerful blows. Able to control water in the vicinity even in a persons body. High pain tolerance. Intercepted a second gear Luffy. Able to create huge water tornadoes while under water.
Combatant three: Namor Atlantean. Shoves a ship into rocks splitting it in two. Pushes a very large sinking ship onto shore. Throws a tank at a plane. Lifts a submarine above his head. Lifts up a destroyer out of the water. With the help of others he punches through a couple thousand ton rocks. Punches Doctor Doom through a ship. Catches a ship thrown at him. Fought Hulk many times. Makes Sentry bleed with a punch. Knocked out Wolverine. Thrown an axe into Ironman's armor. Sneak attacked Thanos and was defeated shortly after. Caught by surprise and dodges two gunmen. Has hurled his trident at the speed of thought. Swims fast enough to create whirlwinds. Dodges a laser. With the help of another they throw a machine into space. Out swims a heat seeking missile. Catches two torpedoes. Can swim at 345 mph. Bullet proof. Gets hit so hard he flies through three biomes. Even dehydrated he is hard to pierce. Radiation proof. Can survive immense heat. Unscathed after walking through land mines. Has had a mountain collapse on him. Takes a punch at the speed of light. Can endure thousands of volts of electricity. Swims through billions of igniting oil. Wolverines claw could not stab him. Survives a hit capable of destroying Atlantis. He's rich. Trained in swordsmanship. Eyesight strong enough to count grains of sand while a mile away. Has felt Sues heartbeat underwater. Can hear a school of fish change direction half an ocean away and feel when the currents in the deepest part of the ocean alter by a single degree. Wields a trident that shoots lightning. Can summon city level tidal waves. Flight. His former abilities are sea life control and copying sea life abilities.
Combatant four: Kisame Elite ninja that's in the Akatsuki. Can create shark bomb. Can create oceans with chakra. Can create water clones. Can create prisons out of water to incapacitate someone. Can create five feeding water sharks. Can create a large dome of water where he is the center. Can absorb chakra without samehada. (Samehada is his sword) Can summon actual sharks. Has made 1000 water sharks appear. Powerful swordsman. Effortlessly injures Asuma with Samehada (a skilled ninja) Can move underground at high speeds. Massive chakra reserves. Samehada does not allow enemy to wield it. Samehada can create craters in the ground. Samehada can heal injuries and replenish chakra. Can hide inside Samehada. Strongest form he fuses with Samehada. Has overwhelmed Guy with his strength. Being very weak he breaks out of Yamatos wood prison. Has kept up with 7 tailed Bee's speed. Has taken on Team Guy with only 30% of his chakra and created three clones that can use powerful water jutsu. Has tanked hits from Naruto, Bee, and Guy before.
WINNER: Aquaman This fight narrows down to Aquaman and Namor and in that case they are very evenly matched, I'd say their strength feats are about even considering they both can toss around titanic sized ships, I'd say Namor has more durability even though they both survived a city busting attack and was okay, and I'd say Aquaman is faster given he can swim faster than sound and can just leap across cities. The reason I say Aquaman has the edge is because of his capabilities, Aquaman is more skilled than Namor, his trident is much more powerful, can heal in short periods which isn't even fair, he can control sea life while Namor cannot, and he possesses sonar in case he gets blinded in the fight. Kisame fused with Samehada would build up an edge plus if he releases chakra into the water that they are fighting in but, it would not be enough for Namor or Aquaman, he's fast while fused and he has his fins as strong blades but, they'll just grab him before he can do anything and Aquaman's trident is on a whole other level as Samehada. Jinbei is definitely the most skilled and can control the water a lot better but, he's not the most powerful. Jinbei has dodged canon fire, I'm guessing that's a pretty good feat but, really Namor or Aquaman could take the canon ball to the face and be perfectly okay. Jinbei is also fast but, I don't think he is fast enough to even keep up with Kisame fused with Samehada and Jinbei may have a high pain tolerance but, Kisame would just pick him apart. Lastly another reason why Aquaman would destroy in this match up is because he is an expert tactician, he would just plan through the whole fight. The true king of the sea is Aquaman! Aquaman > Namor > Kisame > Jinbei
@TyTruth Glad to hear, it took me this whole week to get this episode done.
favorite so far
@OGv6FATE I hope after people see Jason Momoa in action they'll reconsider. I think people assume his only power is talking to fish and no... he's pretty strong and fast. There's a reason he's part of the JL.
@shannonl5 I KNOW RIGHT!
So epic!!! People don't give Aquaman enough credit