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So many Palestinians have been brutally killed by Israel army so far, so many innocent children died but no one showed as much concern as they showed for the attack on France! 'Pray for paris' mushroomed social networking sites these days just because of this attack. The number of ppl that died in Paris is negligible compared to that in Palestine, kenya,... N what abt those soldiers, journalists who have all been mercilessly killed by ISIS?? Even their vids were posted online but none posted abt praying for them on fb, insta or whatever. I agree the paris attack was really bad but there's worst than this occuring in this world!!!! Justice needs to be done but fairly!!!!
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@orenshani7 yes of course!
Ok but it's still much closer to my Estimate and would be much lower if you wouldn't count combatants and terrorists ( do you count a suicide bomber as a victim too ? )
@orenshani7 no suicide bombers are not included
Interesting perspective @humairaa. though I wonder how much of this is our fault too. world media covers what is popular and what we click on. I think more people are paying attention to Paris shootings than anywhere else... thank you for providing an alternative side!
@nicolejb Thanks馃槉