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For all you mohawk lovers out there who like a bit of edgy and chic, this look is specifically for you. The mohawk pull-through braid gives you the ability to mix two styles in one. Perfect for special occasions or just a regular day on the job. It's not time consuming and you'll be sure to get plenty of compliments. Ditch the typical braid and add some life to your hair with this braided mohawk. Keep scrolling to get the look [seen below].

Ladies, what do you think of this gorgeous style?

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Yes I love it!!! @keribvby
Yes! It's amazing @MistyNickerson
interesting that this is suggested as something you could wear to work, when obviously it would be nearly impossible to do on your own hair, and even if you can manage to learn it, it would take so long that it wouldn't be realistic for a regular work day...
Generally speaking, that was a bit of a stretch that's why I gave options. But if you have the time, it can be work anywhere. If someone truly liked this style they would make time to recreate it whether it be the night before, etc. @linbur0100