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Ok so i was sleeping last night and all of the sudden i get a dream where i am Rap Monster's (BTS) wife. So in the dream i was coming back from work and i was so tired and dizzy. All of the sudden comes Namjoon-shi and he starts to act all cute and romantic but sadly i rejected his cuteness because i just wasn't in the mood. Namjoonni looks at me with intense eyes because i have never rejected him. I apologized and told him that i was really tired and needed to rest. Soon he guides me to the bedroom, lays me down on the bed and kisses my forehead saying sleep tight.
When i wake up i go looking for him and i got scared because i thought i was all alone in the house. I keep looking and looking but still can't find him. So instead i keep myself calm and didn't call or texted him at all... i just waited. In the end i get a call from a number i have never received... it was from the hospital. I pick up the phone and the nurse says that my Namjoonni was in there! I got dressed and ran to my car to find out what had happened.
When i finally got there, the same nurse tells me that one of his (Namjoon) friends found him in a wrecked car and was badly injured. She told me i can speak to him for only 30 minutes. I went inside the hospital room and found him breathing slowly. His face was all gloomy and swollen. I started to cry heavily and couldn't stop. He grabbed my hand and took me to his arms and said that he was ok and that i didn't have to worry. His voice brought warmth and comfort on the fact that he was ok but could not almost speak.
The nurse told me that i could pick him up from the hospital in a few days. I just kept on crying and didn't know what to do....
lol for some reason I thought you were gonna say he grabbed your hand but then he sprung up from the hospital bed and started to act cute and he was gonna be like "Next time don't reject my cuteness!" then get up and be like "let's go home".
what so romantic πŸ˜¦πŸ˜’πŸ˜‡
woah that was a lot take in
@Blanca97 Lol that would have been funny tho