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MoNoLith was a Visual Kei band that debuted in 2006. Their music ranged from hard-core to almost pop xD If I'm being completely honest, Byakuya is the only song that I reaalllly love (it gives me feels so hard and I have no idea why). I included Byakuya for you all to listen to and I hope you like it !!(: P.S. - I'm in love with Ryu (photo 4) 馃挄馃槀馃槉馃槏
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@merryjayne13 YESS !! ^0^ I need to listen to more lol
@ravenator143 me too, I'm currently on like this Visual Kei mission...
@merryjayne13 Same !!:D I had a friend at work who is giving me a lot of suggestions lol^-^
@ravenator143 oh please share some
@merryjayne13 An Cafe, Velvet Eden, Yousei Teikoku ( not sure if they're technically considered VK lol ), and Malice Mizer are a few that I would definitely recommend ^-^