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Yu-Gi-Oh Series the reason be hind me picking this anime series is becouse i love each and every storie in the series from the first one all the way up to now and not just that they have great characters from the main character to the main characters rival along with his love interest each story gets better and better plus it a series that will probably go on for ever and the best part is unlike pokemon the main characters all way different for each story so your never bord.
Yu-Gi-Oh in the first story yugi moto are main character salve this puzzle and meet this ancient Pharaoh and in order to help him regain his memories must defeat many foe along the way and one to get his memories back but also come to find out they must save the world from the shadow games by playing the card game they love so much
Yu-Gi-Oh GX in this story are new character Jaden yuki who get in to duel academy go to class like any kid in school the only different his here they teach you how to play duel monsters after Jaden who is sometime who is referred to as a slacker duels many opponents and foe alike who show up and after beaten them eventually become the best duelist in the school then one day Jaden meets this boy name Jessy Anderson who and other and at the same time the duel academy is sent to the duel monster realm. *there more to it but if you haven't seen it i dont want to give the whole story away.
Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds then next we have yusei fudo in this point in time domino city has been slit into two Satellite and new domino city when the dark signers show up yusei how finds out that he is one out of 5 signer who must rise up to defeat the dark signer after many time defeating foe after foe faces another foe as yusei is dueling with the person behind it all yusei friends discover that there friend leo is actually the unknow 6th signer.
Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal sometime after 5ds in a different city called heartland is were we meet are next new main character name yuma tsukumo who has this key witch open a door for the unlikest of friends meet this being name astal and in order for him to regain his memories he must hunt down all the number cards that were released when he came to earth dueling along side yuma and only yuma could see him and talk to him and together they fight friends and foe alike
Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V=5 now some time after zexal we met yuya sakaki now this story will though you for a lope when a threat of the fusion dimension attack being eminent yuya and his friends must travel to the synchro dimension to find allies to help stop the eminent threat and now has been force to partake in a tournament where the losers will be sent underground with everything going on how will yuya fair if you haven been watching watch it and find out
lol i stopped after the og series i didnt think that the ones after would be that good
the original where alot better then the rest
I luv the original, gx is okay, I got lost in 5ds, zexal was....out of this world, but I still manage. now to this newest one, v. really! why can't you just stand and duel?! should I pay attention to your action or the life points or the plot??? 5ds was weird but, it's serious all the time. v is weird all the way!
I realize this now but they all have Ys in there full names XP
GX is my favor!
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