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In the Dream- When i had left the hospital felt so alone and depressed. I could bearly get any sleep so i went to the kitchen. Thinking about what had happened that night; all the love, all the tears, the accident i just couldn't hold back the tears and i fell to the floor and cried until i couldn't cry anymore.
The next morning, my eyes were swollen from crying so much and my face looked gloomy. I get a text to go back to the hospital. Not knowing what could have happened for me to be sent to the hospital so quickly i rushed. When i arrived the nurse came running.... she told me that during midnight Namjoon started coughing blood, the doctors had to rush and find out what had happened. " He has internal bleeding due to liver damage caused by a big peace of crystal we found in his system."
"Will he be ok? Please tell me he's going to be ok"
"He will be fine luckily is not that serious, we managed to stop his body from bleeding so i recommend you take him home today and call us if there's an emergency."
"Thank you"
I drove Namjoon back home. There was silence in the car, not a nod. When we arrived home he got up from the passenger seat and came to me, he stared and smiled as if he was happy to see me.
That night i heard him coughing and so i gave him the pills that the nurse prescribed.
" Here, drink this. It will help you get better"
"Honey listen, if someday.... something happens...to me.... i want you to be happy and move on"
"Come on, don't say such things"
"i'm being serious..... all i care about in this world is for you to be happy."
It toke me a while to respond to him. "Ok"
Hours later, the coughing got worse. I called the nurse and the ambulance came rapidly.
I stayed by his side but the nurse told me they were going to have to perform liver transplant so he will live. I stayed hours in the waiting room when all of his group members came.
Jimim- "is he ok?, where is he?"
"They are doing a liver transplant, i just hope everything goes well"
V- "Are you ok?"
"not really, all i want is for him to live"
We waited and waited until the doctor came out........
Doctor- " I'm sorry"
In real life- I woke up at 4 in the morning and got up real quick cuz i didn't want the dream to go on.
@UnnieCakesAli I didn't remember any words lol
I hate that @UnnieCakesAli thankfully the dream I had of got7 was bambam teaching me Korean and Taiwanese
@SarahVanDorn i actually cried when i woke up because it felt so real
me either! I'd wake up crying