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{NN} Naruto for Life!
I've already seen the first series a few times and just recently started watching it again with my younger brothers. THIS SERIES HONESTLY NEVER GETS OLD.
Ahhh, Team 7 :3
It's always been my #1 favorite series, and for those who say that this anime fad is just a phase.. you're wrong. Naruto was and always will be a part of my life!
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and I'm not saying they're written injapan and that they're shonen bit if that's what you want to think then it's bro
@DanielValles @missmage001 technically they were bot copied from other manga and changed their stpries... find almost any manga and you'll find the same group. so daniel you saying that literally is just pointing out the same thing dbz did. naurto gives some amazing feels : *) and daniel before you try saying im just hatong on dbz cause im a "naruto fanboy" no. ive been watching dbz for almost 20 years.
@DanielValles just doing to you what you did to @missmage001 on their post about naruto which didnt involve dbz.........at all i understand your love for dbz