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Who would you be?
Instead of who you would hang out with or who your own irl otp is... Who would you be and why?
I'd be Klein because he was just a player who ran into Kirito, who is my favorite character, keeping in mind now if I chose Kirito then I wouldn't be able to hang out with him, so if be Klein, an average player and a survivor, and a good friend of Kirito's.
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I would be asuna, she is smart, kind, and feirce. she could kill a man with even needing any weapons. she is fighstey and doesn't let boys touch her. this girl if she didn't meet kirito, she could survive on her own.
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I would honestly be KIRITO because I've never been one to go out with a guild or team plus you lvl up way quicker if you get all the xp from monsters and bosses if you don't have to share it. ha
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@AustinCaldwell cool *shrugs*
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I would be Kirito because games like SAO is my fav. I dual swords in real life
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