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Today SW finally was kicked out..! SW's behavior makes me confused! Does she really love OY like daughter or she just used her for money?! What you guys think?
Till this moment I don't know if she love her or not she is bad or not so confusing .i hope in the end they will reveal her true identify to us still I think she is oh soo mother I know this is none sense but I think that haha
@Reyam haha wat?x) U think SW is OS's mom?kkkk haha yea it sounds a little bit nonsense, but if the story goes like that...., haha I can't imagine x)
@njkim hahahaha i know its nonsense but ..such i women who is not living her life and living with people hate her ..i think she Os mom or she lost a child like OY still its nonsense its only my imagination hahaha