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From Kuroko no Basuke, your two stars from Seirin High, Kuroko and Kagami, are my favorite ship! @hikaymm
At first, the two of them were buddies but after Kagami saw his talent and potential they became a formidable duo--The light and try shadow.
Using their alley-loop, and great sync with one another they were able to get past the to other members of the "Generation of Miracles".
They have gotten to a point where they are absolutely okay with each other quirks and can lean on each other for support, motivation, and strength! Literally, I ship them so hard!
*fist bump. that's their thing! haha X3 <3
And I'm not the only one to think so I either! X3 Please let me know what you think! Do you ship it? Any other people in Kuroko no Basuke you ship? @hikaymm @VinMcCarthy @poojas @TOR1L @HeatherEvans @TaylorKoby @RosePark Anyone Please Comment Below! :)
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I like what you wrote but I'm not sure if I agree or not yet xD
I just started watching this like 4 hrs ago and I already love this anime; and yes, I would ship them!!!
@Kirik I know right?!?! haha and Kuroko is soooo good!! man you wont wanna stop watching it
@tbell2 , I literally haven't since I started ;) I'm on ep 8 now
@Kirik man three seasons of awesomeness!!! and I cried when the anime endes cx haha