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Apparently people were sending Namjoon death threats....
Why??? Honestly??? It's so stupid. Just because he isn't your "bias" or you think he isn't attractive. Or whatever the case may be, TELLING SOMEONE TO GO AND KILL THEMSELVES IS IN NO WAY EVER OKAY!!!!!!!!
Please, Army, we are all family and we all are like sisters. We should treat BTS with respect and treat them like they're our family, just think about it, if there was no BTS then none of us would have found some of the best people in the our lives. They deserve our respect for everything they do for us. PLEASE ARMY!!!! Realize that, BTS can probably quit their contract and just forget about everything, dancing, singing, and Us. But we know them more than our closest friends. Take action to STOP BULLYING!!!! I love you Sisters! FIGHTING 馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅
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omg poor Namjoon!! I feel bad for him because i love him!
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This happened again?
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I love me some NamJoonie he is My Bias cuz I like how he looks n those haters have nothing better do but spread hate.... Fighting Oppa
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Wait what happened!!???
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