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@VinMcCarthy If I had to choose an anime to watch for the rest of my life I would be between fairy tail and one piece. Both packed full of adventure, comedy and sad moments. And both are awesome.
On one hand their is Fairy Tail. An awesome show full of magic, adventure, hilarious moments and friends that treat each other as family. From day one that I started watching I was hooked on Fairy Tail and it's characters. The love they show is absolutely amazing.
On the other hand there is One Piece. Now I haven't been watching One Piece for very long I'm still on season 1 almost into season 2 actually but I still love the show so far. Its funny, full of adventures and also full of some tear jerking back stories. I've also noticed it is incredibly long but I feel like that is gonna be worth it.
I love them both I don't know if I would be able to choose but it would definitely be between these two. They are both amazing animes and no matter which one I would choose my anime life would be great. And the awesome thing about both is they are both still going