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This is for the challenge hosted by @VinMcCarthy so be sure to check him out so you can participate as well!
So the prompt was if you could watch only one anime for the rest of your life what would it be? And the choice is easy for me. It has to be Dragon Ball Z. This is by far my favorite anime and I already rewatch this all the time so it would be totally fine with me. Every time I watch this I find new things to love and can't get enough.
@nberry1620 good luck that one is tough
This was the result of my quandary. {NN} #5 The One And Only! @MikeCopersito
@nberry1620 Was there any other choice?? Lol Honestly those are my two favorite so I find either one acceptable
Had a feeling you'd pick this one. haha, I'm in the air about DBZ or Yu Yu Hakusho to be honest... but I shall make a final decision after work tonight.