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If you've ever been in a 'situation-ship' where you know you're in a situation with someone, but aren't quite sure if you're in a relationship than maybe you can relate. This isn't ideal, but believe it or not -- this happens to a lot of people. Blame the world of social media for making us think that everything needs a title.

Hopefully, this brings you laughter and not memories.

One of my friends is in an 'It's complicated.' with sushi.
@arnelli lol I think that's a good way to be though, you should see your spouse as your partner, someone you enjoy spending time with
Do they still have that relationship status on Facebook? I always felt the "It's Complicated" relationship was just saying way too much, that people shouldn't really know on Facebook...
@danidee *crying* I love you.
@shannonl5 hell yeah i dont want a fuck buddy that shit is for assholes
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