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I'm going to have to go with Log Horizon for this one! I absolutely love these types of anime. IMO this is by far the best in game anime! Yes, I think its better than SAO and .hack although I enjoy watching both of them as well. I love everything about this anime, from the story line to the raid battles that require teamwork and not just one person sweeping through the enemy to the down right hilarious comedy and thrillers in each episode! Whats Yours???
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I've seen post*
I don't think it gets enough attention for how great a show it is. I eagerly wait for the 3rd season to come out even though there hasn't been a release date announced yet. Much thanks!
Sao was my first in game anime that I watched and I thought it was awesome. But then I watched Log Horizon. Brain Melter fell in love with both seasons!!
100% agree with you! This anime needs more attention and I'll patiently wait for the 3rd season
Wait there is going to be a third season!?((((;゚Д゚)))))))