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Quote: Everything has it's beginning... Everything has it's end...Let us see where we will find you...beginning as a god, or ending as a corpse... Location: Destroyed City Song: Burn MF by Five Finger Death Punch
Q) You're really that oblivious of my power. How arrogant. I'll pray for the loved ones you've buried. Now then, Suffer like the rest!!! L) Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament at a local shop S) The Final Countdown XD this was supposed to be a cheesy one.
"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, will you be victorious, or will you suffer great defeat" Location: Top of a high mountain Song: Darkest part by Red
Prepare yourself... this is the culmination of everything I am... there's no way I'll lose! On opposite ends of a bridge. Tsuna Awakens from KHR.
Evil Me: So you not see my power!? Are arrogant or a fool? Either way, I will crush you like the thousands before you! In the desert Despair and Desolation/Our Final Battle from FEA