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Seems like fun! Comment your favorite type of anime girl!!
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...So, does this means there's going to be an anime strip club? xD My favorite types of girls would have to be the tsundere, moe, or the cat girls. I like how tsunderes are rough on the outside and sweet on the inside, makes them look pretty cute tbh. The moe ones are also cute. They're the ones that makes you want to protect them since some moes can be fragile and weak. The cat girls are honestly beyond cute. I really like how they are playful, easy going, and also how they can show you affection (just like cats irl). Either way, I think all anime girls are pretty cute and adorable in their own little way.
Cat girls coming up ;)
@Skateboss369 Oh, my. Can't wait... *fiercely wiggles eyebrows*~