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Sell your ship contest: Food Wars' Soma and Megumi @hikaymm
Well I'd like to start off this card by saying that if you haven't watched this show, you definitely should check it out ( just make sure you bring snacks when watching it because you'll get hungry)
These two started off as teammates in a cooking class at the toughest culinary school in Japan. Megumi was a shy girl, who even though she has good cooking skills, under pressure she doesn't do so well. Not to mention, she doesn't work well as a leader because of that pressure. Soma, on the other hand, seems completely fine under any sort of pressure, and is 100% confident in his cooking.
When Megumi is going up against one of the top ten students in the academy, she is required to lead the cook and have Soma as a backup. At first she is really pressured and has no confidence in herself, considering the reason they got into a face off was because Megumi was about to be kicked out of the school. Soma showed her a trick to calming someone down, which he learned from his dad. However, "the only downfall is you need another person to help you do it" as you can see from the picture. From this point on, you can really see their relationship growing and how Megumi is starting to feel about him.
While the show ends without anything ever really happening between them romantically, of all the characters in the show they are definitely the best match for each other. Besides blue hair is life 3
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@zaperz I wouldn't mind that but I'd like Megumi x Soma better imo
2 years ago·Reply
@Alletaire Ah, I see. Btw, do you know when the second season is coming out though?
2 years ago·Reply
@zaperz nope not at all lol
2 years ago·Reply
@Alletaire Oh, okay. Just heard it might come out somewhere in 2016. But thanks anyway. cx
2 years ago·Reply
Well that's good then @zaperz
2 years ago·Reply