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Hello again! I am now going to go a little indepth on the characters being sure to tell you just a little bit more about them then you would know from just reading the story so um *cough cough* spoiler alert >.> on like.....all of it. But let's begin shall we ^_^ we have quite a bit to cover! Disclaimer: I own none of these characters pictures and only use them as a reference for my idea of what this character would look like.
This is Kirito! He is the one....two.....three....third or fourth rp character that I first made. Yes I use to rp and when he was "born." (Made) he was originally made to rp with, and be this cheerful, funny, but yet have a lot of respect for women. Now he has adjust to being this strong leadership role who may goof off from time to time....ok always....he's a guy that thinks with his fist before his head. He doesn't get attached to many people out of fear. Mostly because people usually like him for his appearance and then the effect of how he looks kind of...."grows on them." And they stop caring about him. Which is why he ignores every girl that says they have a thing for him, because he doesn't believe it will last. Even his sister who loves him to death he just try's to stay away from because he's just so numb to kindess. That he knows sooner or later it'll be over, and he wants to be prepared for that. Scene that describes him most: Kirito quickly gulped down his food as the juices swished and slurred through his mouth. On the other side of the table Mewsie stared at him in complete audicy. She was used to him eating that way as he did it every morning, but she still wondered why he ate like he would never eat again. She usually took slow little bites savoring each and every drop of her food. The neko girl watched her brother as he shoveled the food in his mouth as he quickly devoured it, but when he got down to the final drop of his food he slowed dropping the tiny piece of cooked fish in his mouth. His tongue rolled around it trying to remember the texture hitting all the curves and dents. Kirito finally sunk his fangs in chewing the piece and then sliding it down his throat as his tongue hugged his food goodbye. I like this scene the most, and it was meant to describe how he just originally took all his time for granted, and now that things are changing he's trying wants to try to have a feel for what was left, but it's already to late, and he's lost it. I do plan to have Kirito change and develop over time, but for right now he's just a young kid. Who shows he's young by making mistakes and trying to survive being a middle school kid. Age: 12 Height: 5' 3" (he's such a tiny baby >~) Likes: climbing and nature Dislikes: shirts, people, and sota
This is Mewsie, kirito's younger sister, and the second rp character that I had made. She's sweet, and kind, and is always trying to be there for her brother who doesn't really want anything to do with her. When I made her her personality was a little bit different in a way of courage and willingness to fight, but even though she does not fight often she is incredibly strong. (Maybe even stronger than her brother.) she just more of a pacifist. I do plan to have her character develop over time with things like....confidence and herself and will power, but other than that I don't want her to change much. She's more of a traditional girl who likes cooking and cleaning, and taking care of other people because she has a soft heart like her mother. Scene that describes her best: " Well, I'm getting tired of him being that way." Sota wanted to stand up after finishing the last of his sandwich, but Lovely and Anastasia both gave him these sad eyes that said not to. This made Sota sit back against the wall crossing his arms." I'm sorry for my brothers rudeness everyone, but please...lets just try to have fun okay?" She smiled at them with a smile that shined as bright as the sun. Sota's heart stopped at the sight her smile. His eyes widened in disbelief." Mew-" he began."Mewsie!" Kuri yelled from under the bed."I'm stuck! It's dark! Help me!" She whined. Mewsie walked over to her bed and casually picked up the two mattresses by herself. "Now climb out." She said as Kuri stared at her in shock. She had heard of Kirito being strong but not Mewsie too. "Mewsie you..." Anastasia whispered staring at her. This made her blush as everyone was staring at her now. "Wh-what?" She stuttered. Kuri crawled out of the bed and Mewsie slowly set the bed down. "Mewsie I didn't know you were strong too." Anastasia said for everyone. They all nodded agreeing with her. "Oh, well I am a neko too." She blushed. I like this scene because it shows everything I said in as little as two paragraphs. Mewsie is amazing, but she's humble about the things she can do, and is more reserved. Age: 10 Height: 5' Likes: cooking, clothes, cleaning, helping others Dislikes: rude people.
This is sota. >.> yes I know please excuse his language. Sota was originally made to be a ladies man. So HAPPY I didn't stick with that! He is know just a character that's supports Kirito. Which has turned into this.....
Yeah we should have know this was going to happen. Fan girls everywhere. I can not say I am upset or happy with it, but I can say that I understand why. He is not only a supporting character though because in some scenes he is the one being supported as well. The bromance is strong guys~ Scene that describes sota best: The tail began to drag him up as threw Sota to the ground angered that he could have killed himself "What the hell do you think your doing!" He scolded as Sota was wiping the dirt off from being thrown on the roofs floor." Me? What about you! Ditching class like that! Worrying your sister and all your friends!" Kirito's eyes widened at that phrase."my friends?" He repeated. "Who?" Sota raised and eyebrow at him and then scoffed. "Don't give me that crap! So many people care about you Kirito! Me, your sister, my sisters, and Anastasia! We care about you!" I don't know about you? But anyone that is willing to climb a building just to see if you're a true friend. Age: 12 Size: 5' 5" Likes: whatever he likes at the moment Dislikes: Kai
Lovely, the second oldest next to sota, and the voice of reason. Lovely was originally meant to be this crazy out of ordinary girl or listened to no one. (Which may still happen after she gets her powers) but now she is the voice of reason who keeps the youngest sister, kuri, in line. She usually doesn't mind meeting new people but she has a "think inside the box." Sort of perspective which is needed when 3/4th of your friends are pretty much insane. Scene that describes lovely best: Anastasia just laughed it off. " No No listen. Here's my plan: Mewsie will climb up the school and then She can open the door and go downstairs leading us to where the stair case is!" She smiled then looked at everyone to see what they think. " Couldn't we just ask around?" Lovely pleaded. " we don't have the time for that! We have to find Kirito before the next class starts!" Kuri argued back supporting Anastasia because she supported her. "Hmmm I....I don't know if I could do that." She played with her fingers fidgeting a bit. She was to nervouse to try to scale the school. Who wouldn't be? " You see, I'm not really much of a neko. Kirito is the wild one in the family. I just try to act like a normal person." Mewsie blushed telling them she wasn't really to fond of being a neko, or didn't feel like one at least. "You can do it!" Anastasia and Kuri chanted. "Well I don't-" Mewsie began, but was cut of by Lovy." Will you two shut up! How do you just volunteer someone to climb a building! When she just told you she doesn't feel comfortable with that! You selfish little kids!" She scolded them, and they both look down."sorry....Mewsie....." They mummbled. Lovely is sort of like the team mom, but forceful in the way of "you will listen to her or you will face her wrath." Age: 10 Size: 5' 2" Likes: order, organizing, peace Dislikes: loud obnoxious people
Kuri. She is one of the first characters I came up with. In a way. She wasn't fully developed yet to were she's either the fourth or the first. She was originally made to be a swords expert, but I quickly abandoned that because I mean look at her. She's totally too cute for fighting xD Her personality is funny and she has a very "unique." Way of thinking. I love kuri a lot in the sense of , and also have been told, that I see a lot in kuri as I do in myself. Which of course there has to be some similarities....since I made her. Scenes that describe kuri best: I'm Mewsie," she held her hand out."nice to meet you." She smiles as the blonde haired girl looked up at her and her eyes widened from seeing her ears. "Your-your ears.... They're like a cat!" Mewsie just giggled and held her head down to her. "Yes they are, wanna feel?" Lovely flinched away for a minute as mewsie's head was suddenly in front of her. She held her hand out as it shook and then began to softly pet the girls ears. "They're they're real!" She gasped making Mewsie look up at her and laugh. "Well of course they are silly." She smiled moving her ears. "What's your guy's names." She asked standing back up. The blonde haired girl was brought back to attention. She had been thinking about how all this was even possible. "Oh ah I'm lovely, and this is my sister kuri." She explained pointing to the silver haired girl. Kuri waved at her and then walked over to touch mewsie's ears too. " Wow they're so soft. How do you were hats with these things. Do you like them? If I had ears like these I would like them. So do you act like a cat to or are the ears just an accessory? Awe I want some too." She began to speak rubbing mewsie's ears and moving around her frantically examine every detail of them. "Um I um." Mewsie tried to answer but was attacked with more and more questions until lovely stood up and grabbed her by the collar and then her back in the seat." Your bothering her." She said irritated as kuri winced at the pain of her back hitting the chair. "Sorry..."she gasp out as she tried to move back into a comfortable position. Kuri is quite the little ball of energy. She's quite smart and shoes little motivation for showing her potential. Though she has plenty of it. Age: 10 Size: 4'6" Likes: fun things Dislikes: boring things
Last but not least Anastasia. Past down from a family of martial artist. Anastasia's weapon of choice (even when I first created her) she is a symbol of justice and will always do what's right. Even though right now she is just a young kid who is learning the definition of good and evil. Scenes that describe Anastasia: "I'm not afraid. If you want Kirito back you'll have to fight me." Anastasia shrugged and grabbed a black beating stick that was attached to her back. "Fine with me." She sighed getting bored. Heather dropped him on the floor and Kirito decided to try to scoot away . So she stepped on his tail."stay!" She glared back at him."what do you think I am a dog!" He whined in pain as he squirmed more frantically now. Anastasia spun her stick around before stopping it behind her neck and resting part of it on her shoulder."you can start." She smiled at her pissing heather of and punching her, but Anastasia crouchedd Down making her fist pass throu where the top of her body use to be and she swung her beating stick around making her fall on the ground realeasing Kirito. "Kirito! Mewsie! Run! Now!" She order as they both hesitated for a second before taking of to their separate classes. She's just an amazing fighter as the only human that stays human and she's a very independent girl. Age 10 Size: 5' 7" Likes: swords, martial arts, her friends Dislikes: people who bother her friends And there you go! That's all the characters in willing to cover so far! If you do end up reading the story and want me to do the rest of them message me and let me know! Or just message me for fun, because you know.....having people to talk to his nice >.> Link: