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Actor Lee Kwang Soo will be one step closer to his fans. On March 21st, the actor opened a LINE (a new communication app) account and shared a new message as well as pictures and videos. The actor wrote, “I am so happy to meet you all via LINE. I will try to show you a new and different side of myself.” An official from the actor's agency revealed that, “He has gotten more international fame, as he is now called “Asian Prince” and the “New Hallyu Star. It was decided to open the LINE account so that Lee Kwang Soo could be closer to his international fans.” Through the app, the actor shared pictures of his new pictorial, where he shows a sweeter, and softer look. The actor is dresses in all-white, while laying down in a white bed. He shows a cute smile, which is completely change from his known personality in the SBS show “Running Man” where is the “icon of betrayal” making many viewers laugh and enjoy the show, week after week. He also showed a video, where the actor shows behind-the-scenes footage of his pictorial, like when was getting his hair and make up done. It also shows him during the photo shoot, and he shows his professional side, as he perfectly poses for the photographer. Meanwhile, he continues to appear in “Running Man” every week, and he is currently carefully looking for a new acting project.
LMAO i just saw this in 2017! i am so late! is he still active or interactive there?
i love him too.....lolz
Awww, so cuuuute our Giraffe.