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1. I have more Kpop songs in my music library than anything else. (last count was 1,575). Actually, I don't think I have anything else.
2. I always have music on. I think it's the band geek in me. And if I'm not a home (basically a work and can't have my headphones on, though there are times my boss allows me to) I have something playing in my head! I hate silence.
3. I am easily distracted, especially by something SHINY. or SHINee...they distract me pretty easily. Especially Key. Though GD gets my attention pretty quick too. (see? easily distracted rambling)
4. I may be short and little, but I am a lot stronger than I look.
5. I have a freaky fast metabolism, so I tend to eat a lot, but it doesn't look like I do.
6. I am fiercely stubborn/independent
7. I am a documentary nut. Don't ask me why, because I'm not even sure, though part of it might be because I love history.
8. I am horrible at math. My sis got the math genes, hence why she works in a bank.
9. Where I live, we have two seasons: winter and construction.
10. I'm a natural leader, which sometimes can cause issues at work. I'm one of the youngest
there, and sometimes they don't like to listen to me, even though I have seniority.
11. I love Jeff Dunham (stand-up comedian). have watched his specials too many times, I
can do the act right along with him!
12. Despite my love for stand-up comedians, I HATE comedies (movies and TV shows). Don't feel bad that this confuses you, it confuses my friends too.
13. I don't have a car. My modes of transportation: my own two feet and my bicycle in the
summer. Luckily enough, I like in a small town so everything is in walking distance!
12. I'm insanely creative.
13. I'm REALLY into Steampunk.
14. I make my own costumes for conventions/Halloween. My next convention theme
is zombies...I'm having WAY too much fun putting this outfit together.
15. I crochet, but nothing more challenging than a scarf or the new trend I've been seeing at
craft shows of crocheted necklaces (which I think are really neat).
18. I'm weird, crazy, 4-D...however you want to phrase it. I'm the fruit loop in a world full of
cheerios, and I'm proud of it! It's kept me from going insane.
19. I'm the maknae of my family. All my cousins are older than me, and I have one older
20. I have a difficult time making friends. Not because I'm shy or anything, I'm just cautious.
I've been burned too many times not to be careful. My trust/friendship is earned, not
freely given. My interests are so different from others in my neck of the woods, which
makes it harder to connect to people.
well....that was harder than I thought it would be. But there ya go, twenty facts about me. Tagging those that commented on the challenge card. :) and a couple others that I've chatted a bit with thru their own cards.
(I think i'm getting the hand of these cards. yay!)
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We got some things in common. I'm horrible at math and super stubborn too!
Yes I also agree. I despise math. Mostly because I'm lazy and it's too much work. 😁 but Yas I liked this very much ^_^
@Kieuseru c: anytime! feel free to hmu whenever you wanna chat :)
@Beccachi awww...thank u! πŸ€— πŸ˜„
@Kieuseru well now you have me :D
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